Worked on-site with the Novartis digital health team delivering Medisafe’s foundational patient journey management solution for the Cosentyx brand.
This project established Medisafe as more than just a pill reminder by expanding its value as a personalized and holistic digital health companion supporting patients from therapy initiation, outcomes tracking, co-pay support, and throughout regimen maintenance.
Cosentyx is a self-injectable medication with a primary indication treating plaque psoriasis. I joined the project after the first couple of meetings failed to produce the types of breakthrough user experience moments the Novartis team wanted.
We level-set with the team by conducting a fresh round of discovery workshops, collecting as much data as possible initially, and then zeroing in on only experience fundamentals that would make this project successful.

Toward the end of the first day, I sketched out this wireframe (above) that drastically simplified the approach and became the team's first aha moment that forced us to focus on a true project MVP.

In reviewing my notes that evening back at the hotel, I had my own aha moment: we needed to introduce a secondary, brand-specific navigation schema along with a ubiquitous brand resource center and the only way to have that live alongside branded content was to place it inside a sliding drawer control. The above wireframe is what I presented and got client approval for the next morning.

Over time we refined and simplified the UX while building out the patient journey.

Implemented screens can be viewed here.